Aero Tow Rope RED STAR 40m

Aero Tow Rope RED STAR 40m
Brand: Tost Tost
Product Code: 185400
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Step-index fibre from Polyester
Code colour red
Rope diameter 9 mm
Minimum breaking load 11 kN
On both sides spliced-in rope eye with connecting parts
Connecting parts one side connecting ring pair to LN
65091, other side large oval ring
On the glider side fitted with complete weak link set in reserve system with protective sleeve(breaking load acc. to your indication)
Standard is a white weak link = breaking load of 500 daN
High grade, long living rope thanks to Step-index-fibre construction, 32-fold coat
Easy to find on the airfield due to red colour
Connecting parts are spliced-in into the rope eye
No sharp edges that could damage the fuselage. Metal parts are reduced to the minimum.
Mass (complete): 40 m = 2550 g, 50 m = 3100 g, 60 m = 3690 g
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