AIRNERGY 3A Diode (0.8V Voltage Drop)

AIRNERGY 3A Diode (0.8V Voltage Drop)
AIRNERGY 3A Diode (0.8V Voltage Drop)
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Is 16.8V too high?

Most modern avionics can handle input voltages well above the battery's maximum voltage of 16.8V. Special caution must be used with certain older avionics as these sometimes have voltage limits between 15 and 16V. A diode can be installed in the power supply line of the specific device, which would result in a voltage drop of about 0.8V (up to 1.0V under load). This will ensure the input voltage will remain below the manufacturers' specified limit. It's not advised to install a diode in the battery's main supply line, as all instruments would be affected by this, which may not be neccessary. The diode's maximum rated current must be equal or higher than the fuse/circuit breaker.
This diode will ensure a 0.8V voltage drop (up to 1.0V at max load). Multiple diodes may be placed in series.
Fitted with a male/female faston connector, so it can be simply installed in between the power distribution strip and the wire to the instrument, and without soldering or changing the original wiring! No confusion about the direction of the diode, only one way to install.
Not sure if your instruments can handle a higher voltage? A compatibility list can be found here;
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