LX Colibri X power and data interface

LX Colibri X power and data interface
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Colibri X power and data interface is a special unit that coverts 12V to  5V power supply for the Colibri X.It also converts TTL levels of serial communication to RS232 levels. Maximum input voltage is 24V.

The unit has two plugs. On one side there is a standard micro USB  connector. Use the included USB cable to connect the Colibri X on this side. On the other side is an RJ45 plug. This plug is a standard IGC 6-pin connector.

This unit can connect Flarm and Colibri

Pins by numbers:

1 = + 12 V (red external wire)
2,3 = not used
4 = data out (RS232)
5 = data in - input (RS232)
6 = GND (blue external wire

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