Ground Equipment

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***Tost Price List 2017***
Download the TOST Price List here. To order, please email us with your required part numbers. ..
Ex Tax: 0.00€

Nitto PVC tape 19mm x 20m
Nitto PVC tape 19mm x 20m, 0.19mm, white. Thickness 0.19mm, stretches up to 219%. E..
Ex Tax: 1.82€
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Funkwerk ATR833-LCD VHF Ground Radio Station
Portable station ATR833 - incl. ATR833-LCD, bar- and drag antenna, accu, microphone, power charge..
Ex Tax: 1,693.39€

Funkwerk ATR833-OLED VHF Ground Radio Station
Portable station ATR833 - incl. ATR833-OLED, bar- and drag antenna, accu, microphone, power charg..
Ex Tax: 1,814.05€

GK615E Portable VHF/AM Transceiver 25 kHz / 8.33 kHz (6 W)
GK615E Portable VHF/AM Transceiver 25 kHz / 8.33 kHz (6 W) with EASA approval. 118..
3,257.32€ 2,995.00€
Ex Tax: 2,475.21€

GK616 Portable VHF/AM Transceiver 25 kHz / 8.33 kHz (10 W)
GK616 Portable VHF/AM Transceiver 25 kHz / 8.33 kHz (10 W) ..
3,751.00€ 3,499.00€
Ex Tax: 2,891.74€

Aero Tow Rope ELASTIK 50m
The rope ELASTIK is our lightest and most convenient aero tow rope. It is “the best” for towing w..
Ex Tax: 190.00€

Aero Tow Rope EXKLUSIV 50m
The high-strength material and robustness make the EXKLUSIV to a rope with excelle..
Ex Tax: 275.00€

Aero Tow Rope RED STAR 50m
Description ▪ Step-index fibre from Polyester ▪ Code colour red ▪ Rope diameter 9 mm ..
Ex Tax: 163.00€

Electrical one-man rigging system
The Electrical One-Man Rigging System is a very lightweight and compact system with extremely use..
Ex Tax: 1,156.20€
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Gardena digital water flow meter
Now it's easier than ever to fill up your gliders wings straight from the tap. This digital water..
29.95€ 26.95€
Ex Tax: 22.27€

GOJAK 4100 Hangar Dolly
Getting a sailplane up onto a hangar dolly with a ramp takes 2 people. This clever dolly can be u..
Ex Tax: 354.55€

Ground Anchors SoaringXX
Ground anchors (tie-down set) specially developed for gliders. Included: 3x galvanise..
Ex Tax: 57.84€

ICOM IC-A110E VHF Ground Radio Station
ICOM IC-A110E VHF Air band Transceiver Rugged and r..
Ex Tax: 987.60€

Kroon oil ball bearing grease
Kroon oil ball bearing grease. Highly recommended to lubricate and protect the bearings, pins and..
Ex Tax: 4.09€

The Claw - Aircraft Anchoring System
Don't let the wind catch you unprotected! The Claw is a patented lightweight, high-strength aircr..
Ex Tax: 115.66€
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Tow out bar SoaringXX
Small / Sturdy / Smart fits into the car trunk easily! Made of steel (sturdy, for safety ..
Ex Tax: 239.67€

Wing-Stand SoaringXX
New product from SoaringXX - Wing-stand. Very light (1.7kg), fully made of aluminium, foldable an..
Ex Tax: 82.60€
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Wing-Walker (wing wheel)
The most innovative on the market with 360 degree rotation! Adjustable height Unive..
Ex Tax: 351.24€
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Sperrtopf Antenna
BRAND NEW antenna for ground radio stations. Made out of a single part for maximum durability. Op..
Ex Tax: 114.88€

Dittel TB1 ground radio station
Dittel TB1 ground radio station (without KRT2 radio). Includes casing, speaker, microphone, ..
Ex Tax: 544.63€

Muggenwech Cleaning Cloth
Muggenwech! is a high-tech-mesh which brings in an effortless and chemical-free removal of bugs f..
Ex Tax: 6.53€
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Vikan Wipe-N-Shine wing wiper 25 cm
The Wipe-N-Shine 25 cm replaces the traditional leather chamois. Removes excess water from large ..
Ex Tax: 8.22€

Vikan Wipe-N-Shine wing wiper 45 cm
The Wipe-N-Shine 45 cm replaces the traditional leather chamois. Removes excess water from large ..
Ex Tax: 20.62€

Bugwiper case - GliderPyjamas
Bugwiper storage case by GliderPyjamas. ..
Ex Tax: 30.00€

Indoor canopy cover - GliderPyjamas
White indoor canopy covers by GliderPyjamas. Please specify glider type on ordering. ..
Ex Tax: 57.03€

Indoor cover set - GliderPyjamas
Why to use GliderPyjamas indoor covers? Protect the surface of your glider ..
Ex Tax: 247.89€

Main pin case - GliderPyjamas
Main pin storage case by GliderPyjamas. ..
Ex Tax: 16.53€

Stretch canopy cover - GliderPyjamas
Perfectly fitting, easy to wear and great looking canopy covers. Order our improved canopy co..
Ex Tax: 73.55€

Allweather outdoor covers - GliderPyjamas
Well proven, durable and competitive allweather outdoor covers. Available in two modification..
Ex Tax: 690.08€