LX Eos 57mm

LX Eos 57mm
LX Eos 57mm LX Eos 57mm LX Eos 57mm LX Eos 57mm LX Eos 57mm LX Eos 57mm LX Eos 57mm LX Eos 57mm LX Eos 57mm LX Eos 57mm LX Eos 57mm LX Eos 57mm
Brand: LX Navigation LX Navigation
Product Code: LX-EOS57
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57 mm sized all in one vario – final glide calculator, flight recorder, flarm display, basic navigation etc…


  • Extremely bright direct sunlight readable display
  • Integrated G-meter (g-forces recorder)
  • 3-axis gyroscope
  • 3-axis accelerometers
  • GPS receiver as an integral part of the system
  • Completely new design using latest  pressure transducers technology
  • Extremely fast vario data acquisition
  • Rotary knob with push function, for simple and effective handling
  • Nearly unlimited memory space for flight recorder!
  • ENL (Engine Noise Level) sensor is built in
  • 5 status inputs (SC, VP, Gear, Brakes, Flaps)
  • OAT probe input (Outside temperature)
  • Internal beeper (for Flarm warnings…)
  • Flarm port (input of Flarm and Powerflarm data)
  • PDA/PNA port, supplies navigation and Flarm data to PNA/PDA
  • Bluetooth interface
  • Voice module as an integrated part of the system
  • CAN Bus, for connection to LX Zeus or other devices
  • External SD Card interface, for firmware updates, flight downloads and TP transfers
  • Standard 57 mm size; the smallest vario ever built!
  • The unit can be used as stand alone, or as a part of  LX Zeus system
  • Built in rechargeable battery serves two hours of autonomy
  • Charging of battery is realized via main power


  • Variometer, TE compensation by TE probe or electronic way
  • Speed-to-fly function
  • Final glide calculator based on GPS data!
  • Simple navigation to TP and TSK
  • High level IGC approved flight recorder (certification complete)
  • Flarm radar screen
  • Thermal assistant screen
  • System extensions: Second seat configuration, Remote control operation (LX Joy)
  • Logbook
  • Flight information with Barograph
  • Multi pilot support
  • Accurate wind calculation in straight flight and circling


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