Dittel Avionik

Dittel Avionik

Since 2010 the Walter Dittel Avionik develops and markets avionics for general aviation. Ideas and concepts of all avionic products are part of Walter Dittel Avionik. The equipment is exclusively manufactured in Germany. In the focus of Walter Dittel Avionik are the market segments: Soaring, Ultralight, Kilo classe, Echo classe, Ballooning, Paragliding and hang gliding.

A joint multiple of all Dittel Avionik products are light weight and minimal power consumption. Upon starting the design of products it was already taken into account to minimize these two parameters.  Another new feature of the device is the user guidance. Nowadays, it is no problem by mans of increasingly powerful microprocessors, always incorporating new features into devices. But where is the limit? Can’t it be possible to request all even when using intuitive interface? It’s possible!  All products are designed by pilots and for pilots. Top priority for the Dittel Avionik has the user guidance and the clear legibility of the information on displays and screens under all difficult conditions.

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TQ/Dittel KTX2-V2 Mode-S Transponder Class 1
KTX2-S.V2 mode S transponder The TQ-KTX2-S second generation Mode-S transponder for..
2,499.00€ 1,799.00€
Ex Tax: 1,486.78€

Dittel ST2 KTX2 cable with power leads
Dittel ST2 cable with power leads ..
Ex Tax: 35.00€