Trig TT31 Mode-S Transponder Class 1 (XPDR only)

Trig TT31 Mode-S Transponder Class 1 (XPDR only)
Trig TT31 Mode-S Transponder Class 1 (XPDR only)
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Product Code: TRIG-TT31-00220-00-01
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TT31 – Mode S and 1090ES ADS-B Out capable transponder. No mounting parts or other accessories; delivery only includes the XPDR.

Trig’s TT31 transponder is the ideal retro-fit for the popular KT76A and KT78A transponders. The TT31 is a Class 1 transponder which will ‘plug and play’ straight into the existing tray. This significantly reduces both installation time and cost. It provides pilots with class leading Mode S technology that is also 1090ES ADS-B Out capable too.

Our latest upgrade includes TIS traffic enhancements and enables ADS-B Out to be configured using the existing tray. The TT31 is compatible with many popular GPS position sources including Garmin GNS 400W / 500W series navigators and the Trig TN70. This makes installation flexibility the best in class.

  • Upgraded for improved retrofit performance – ‘plug and play’ installation for KT76A and KT78A
  • Certified Mode S and 1090ES ADS-B Out capable
  • Certified for IFR / VFR flight
  • Lowest power consumption in class
  • 240 watts nominal output
  • TIS traffic capabilities – now includes panel mounted avionics
  • Backlit LED display
  • No cavity tube – no warm up time required and no need for dropper resistors
  • EASA ETSO and FAA TSO Certification - includes TSO C166b the latest ADS-B standard
  • Free European Minor Change approvals
  • Software provides the widest compatibility with third party avionics
  • Unbeatable value and quality - designed and manufactured in the U.K.
  • Two year worldwide warranty

The TT31 is the most power efficient transponder available today; it’s easy to use and operate, with a clear bright display and simple user interface. Features include a flight timer, stop watch and altitude monitor that can alert you of a deviation from your selected altitude.

The TT31 includes data link support for the U.S. TIS traffic service, uplinked from approach radars. TIS traffic can be displayed on a variety of portable and panel mount displays, and coverage includes most US terminal areas.

Mode A and C transponders are now being replaced by Mode S transponders, technology which is optimised for tomorrow’s airspace requirements. Around the world the introduction of ADS-B surveillance technology means the modern transponder has now become the hub of future airspace compliance requirements. Here the TT31 remains the transponder of choice. The TT31 was the world’s first transponder certified to TSO C166b. This is latest FAA standard for the U.S. 2020 ADS-B mandate and demonstrates Trig’s advanced levels of compliance.

The TT31 uses half the electrical power of the leading competitor transponder, whilst still transmitting at a higher signal power, its efficient design reduces waste heat in the avionics stack. This reduces the load on the aircraft electrical system improving overall reliability. The flexible power input means that both 14 and 28 volt systems can be used without special configuration or dropper resistors (we recommend that any dropper resistor fitted for a previous transponder should always be removed). The TT31 is compatible with both parallel and serial altitude encoders; it can even act as a serial altitude repeater to provide a convenient altitude source for your GPS.

It’s worth remembering that to receive all ADS-B In transmissions in the U.S. the FAA requires a functioning certified ADS-B Out device, so don’t miss out on airspace information - fit a Trig TT31.

All Trig products come with a two year warranty, supported by our global network of Approved Trig Dealers and Approved Trig Service Centers in the U.S. and Australia.


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