Urinal condom 35mm

Urinal condom 35mm
Urinal condom 35mm Urinal condom 35mm Urinal condom 35mm Urinal condom 35mm
Brand: Coloplast Coloplast
Product Code: UC35-220350
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Conveen urinal condom 35mm. Price per piece. Quantity discounts available.

A must-have for cross-country and competition glider pilots. No more trouble with plastic bags or having to land early. No stress because of turbulence. Simply just let it go. Conveen/Coloplast products are of the highest quality available. The bags are very strong and durable.

| 6 reviews

Net klant geworden en er was bij de levering iets stuk, maar Peter heeft direct de nodige stappen ondernomen.
| 6 reviews

Works fine for me !
| 6 reviews

as described and expected . I have not tried it on yet ..... may be on the next season
| 6 reviews

Was apprehensive at first since I am used to flying a glider with a pee-hole (which in facts creates corrosion on some parts of the tail..) Works fine , just be carefull when removing the tube from the condom just before landing , then there is a risk of some spillage.
| 6 reviews

Great system to avoid substracting attention from flying. The glue that sticks the rubber to the skin can be softened with alcohol and the condom is rehusable. Hard to find the right size, better order for one of each and try. My guess is that 35 mm would suit most regular size men. No jokes please.

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